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Proposed Protection of Information and media tribunal bill is “EVIL”….

I strongly believe that the protection of information and tribunal bill proposed by the ruling ANC (African National Congress) in South Africa is evil. This sentence just shows how devastated and angry I am, towards some of the policy makers in government. Well for those who do not know what this bill entails, it simply a bill that will make it difficult for journalist to get access and to publish state information that are  in the public interest.

So our beautiful ANC government is trying to fail the constitution. The very Act that is viewed by many as one of the most progressive in this world. This document states, in one of the sections, that every citizen have freedom of expression, freedom of speech and access to information. So this begs the question that, should this bill be passed, will it not infringe the rights of South African citizens and everybody who lives in it?

Well, what can I say? I am just an ordinary citizen of this country. At the rate things are, it is apparent that this country is going nowhere at an alarming speed. Whatever is coming out of the bill is not good for the well-being of this country. I furthermore, don’t give Tom and Dick what Julius Malema says about journalist.

I do not know or rather envision anything good that will be brought by the said bill, all I can put down in this article is that it will have a major drawback  in the progress of this  country. The following are the list of what I think are the possible disadvantages should the bill be passed and approved by parliament.

  • The bill is unconstitutional, since it violates some rights in the Act 108 of 1996.
  • The rights of journalists who are well read will be violated.
  • Information about the state, the parastatals and any other government concern will be censored.
  • It have a potential negative impact to the journalism profession.
  • And it will furthermore hinder the media’s right to report without restraint.

The disadvantages, are not limited to the above-mentioned points. So we as the concerned citizen who buy newspapers everyday, what are we going to read about? I envision that future articles in the newspapers will be filled with celebrity gossip, columns and any other good thing that the government is doing. I am pretty sure that we will no longer be reading news about the state of this country, but we will be reading press release, whereby the reporting journalist will be writing about the good things that the government are doing and hide scandals to the public.

As for me I am in full support of the SANEF (South African National Editors Forum), The press club and any other body that is against the Tribunal bill.

Whuu, let me just stop here before the minister of police who is an ANC member decide to Mzilikazi ka Africa me (arrest me). I will continue reading Sunday Times and believe whatever the story they are publishing.  Mzilikazi Ka Africa, Fred Khumalo, Joseph P Kgomo, and the rest of the guys in the journalism fraternity, may heavenly father gives you  strength in fighting for your rights and saving your profession.

Oh cry me my tribunal bill………you are such a pain in you know where!!

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