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A career murderer: Twitter & Co.

You tweet at your own peril….

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By the time you decide to remove your tweets, it will probably been re-tweeted and replied to thousand of times. I am positive that by the time you take that deliberate decision to remove that tweet off your timeline it will be late. This was evidenced by Jessica Leandra Dos Santos (a model) and the libel she posted on twitter. Frankly, I did not know who Leandra was until that Friday morning. For those who live under the rock in an open sea, Leandra tweeted rather irresponsibly (sic). She tweeted “Just, well took on an arrogant and disrespectful k***** inside Spar. Should have punched him, should have.”, she later posted another equally racist rant that I will not take pleasure in quoting.

Little did she know that by the end of the day she would have lost all her sponsorships and that coveted title every model is dreaming of. As far as I know people like Leandra are called ambassadors and they must at all times act in a way that the company they are representing want to be seen by the masses. For her unintelligent tweet, all she got was a punch from her sponsors. They punched her, they really did!

Once upon a time, not so long ago I penned an article in which I was offering tips on how to keep your online presence clean. It is very imperative that one interact responsibly on social media sites. There are professionals who write blogs in their personal capacity and they defend themselves by writing a disclaimer in which they say that they are blogging or tweeting in their personal capacity and the view expressed on their websites are  their own and not of the employers.

Jessica’s incidence is not a stranger to those who follow social media passionately. In 2010, Australian swimmer Stephanie Rice lost her sponsored Jaguar sports car after tweeting “Suck on that you fa***ts!” after the Springboks lost to the Wallabies.

It is obvious that both Jessica Leandra and Stephanie Rice made a big mistake and hopefully they will learn from it – and (with) them learning from it, others will as well.

Facebook, tweet and google + responsibly, and remember when you are drunk and angry stay away from social media. Your job and sponsorship is more important than a 140 character sentence.

Take all but this, tweet at your own peril because twitter & Co (Social networks) are leading cause of career deaths!!!


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My Smartphone, My Tablet PC and my social networks perhaps make me anti-social

There is no doubt that the advent of social networking site and other digital innovations have brought about a profound and meaningful change in our lives. These changes are profound in a sense that communication and the way in which we interact as humans has fundamentally changed. Today it seems that it is no longer necessary to have a chat at a leading coffee shop down town – we can simply do that at the comfort of our couches on our smartphones. Perhaps, the digital generation is losing the human touch.

Are we becoming anti-social human beings? Are our morals eroded by our smartphones on our finger tips?

Why do I ask such rhetoric and unequivocal questions, you may wonder? I ask these questions in part because I have seen a situation where people are sitting together; being busy on their smartphones with none of the party willing to strike a conversation.

Maybe it is our smartphones and our tablet PCs that makes us anti-social beings.

In the age of such technological advancement our fingers are active than our minds. Our faculties are dormant, our fingers creative, and it is our personality that it is in danger.

I am not insensitive to the fact that social media enhances our ability to communicate and gives us all a voice as individuals, but have we pondered on the dangers associated with this advancement?

Perhaps a question that we should ask and try to answer is this: Does social networking contributes to social and moral decay?

In my uninformed opinion – that should perhaps be informed – there is a strong evidence that social media contributes to moral decay, deterioration of ubuntu and degradation of human dignity to a certain extent.
People abuse each other racially and otherwise on social media platforms. Company resources are being abused despite the presence of social media policies.

In everyday of our lives on these platforms, degradation of human dignity, insults and other despicable events seems to be the order of the day. Social media is turning out to be a catastrophic tool in a mould of a great tsunami. The spirit of ubuntu is indeed in a great disaster.

I am also not oblivious to the fact that human errors in the form of social and moral decay have existed since long before any form of social media.

It seems that we are losing the human touch we used to have when greetings were still extended by a firm handshake – and not sent as tweets and status updates as is the norm these days.

Facebook status update

Buddies, the text box in the image above read as “What’s on your mind?”


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keep your online presence clean…

The introduction of social networks brought a great changed in the way we behave, we do business and interact with those close to our hearts. Online presence refer to the way in which your social network profile appears online, and to the third parties.  The term given to online presence is called “Google CV”. Google CV refers to the result that appears after people who are interested in our lives/in our services get. Some of those people include potential employers. Have you try to search your name and see what the result will be?

I like to believe that our Google CV remains clean untill we join social networking sites such as Facebook, flickr, Twitter and others. It is of great importance to watch the manner in which we socialize online. Those thing ranges from things we say, pictures and videos we upload and the links we post on our friends wall.

We all know how good and how interesting social networking sites can be. We do everything on those sites, including things that we cannot do under sober conditions.

Well this post come to serve as a tip, on how to keep your socila presence clean, and keep your brand-name and reputation in a good standing. Although facebook can be greatly beneficial, ensure that you avoid the following points while having nice time on social networks.

  • Never or Avoid posting pictures with booze on your facebook profile, they suggest that you are a drunkard and that can make you lose the job interview.
  • Never post status updates that suggest hate speech, or any other post that may bring your employer into disrepute.
  • Status updates such as “My boss is a jerk” or “I hate my job” can cost you your job.
  • As an employees, you should not disclose company information which can be subject to the Copyright Act
  • Stay away from social networking sites when you are on leave (especially sick leave) because you might make a blunder.

I urge that you try to keep your facebook profile splendidly clean, allow  limited access to your pictures to those you are friends with. It is also quite advisable to make your profile private. Remember that once something hits the net, it will never be removable. That is because of the way information multiplies on the internet.

As your liking thy status, poking thy charming woman and commenting on that wall, keep in mind on what type of things you do online, because thy can make or break your professional life.

Facebook is still the leading  legitimate way of social networking, so have as much fun but hey watch out, do not ruin your reputation in the process!!!!

And lastly “Use privacy settings to limit the flow of information between you and your friends”.

Have facebook for breakfast , twitter is for lunch and of course youtube is more interesting during supper. Keep your online presence clean…………!!!!!!


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