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Love to be there,2010- THE LoveLife CAMPAIGN

As the 2010 FIFA SOCCER world cup draws to a close, I am reminded of a love life campaign that appeared in our billboards just after FIFA president made an announcement that the world cup will be hosted by this beautiful country. I am talking about the “Love to be there” campaign. This campaign graced our billboards, magazines and televisions advert. This was the campaign that aimed to encourage young people to lead a positive lifestyle so that they can live to see the FIFA soccer world cup. I am lucky to claim that I am one of the lucky few who lived to see this spectacular event as it happened in this beautiful country!

What is there to live for?  Seeing Spain and Netherlands reaching the final?

Oh well, soccer isn’t all about the tears, the disappointments and the celebrations on the pitch. Those young people who were inspired by this love life campaign reaped the benefits that were brought by the 2010 Soccer world cup. The world descended to the Southern tip of the world to showcase their undying love for soccer and other priceless things that are hard to mention.

Young people who lived to see this spectacular event amongst other things benefited the following:

  •  Some of the young people were fortunate to be FIFA volunteers.
  • Another group of young people saw an opportunity to consider tourism as a career destination of choice, all thanks to this tournament.
  • The 1GOAL campaign, the brainchild of the honourable President of the country JG ZUMA, was born. It is the ultimate aim of this campaign to see that every child in this world is educated. A lasting legacy that the 2010 soccer world cup will leave.
  • Young people are more optimistic about the state of the economy, the employment opportunities that might arise after this tournament and much more. It is this love life campaign that inspired young people to live positively so that they can see this tournament!

I feel very proud to be a young person in this era of spectacular happenings in this country. I furthermore feel honoured to witness and be part of the success of the love life campaign, “Love to be there”. Please young people remain optimistic, lead a positive lifestyle and ya pick up your success guns and shoot for the moon, for, if you fall you will land amongst the stars.

Big up to the love life organisation, its selfless volunteers, its generous donors and the brains that give birth to campaigns such as “Love to be there”.

In South Africa, there is always something to look up to, let us continue with the positive attitude and rally behind the soldiers who are trying to bring the Olympic 2020 to our shore!!!

FIFA 2010, felt it, it was a huge success!!!!!

LOVELIFE is a non-profit making organisation in the Republic Of South Africa that encourages young people to lead a healthy, HIV- free, and a positive lifestyle.

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