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Ambition kills, Ambition motivates!!!

Dear Inner-self

As my full-time undergraduate career is slowly coming to an end, I always wake up to a call that says “should I follow an MBA or CA(SA) qualification?”. After all they are both recognised as the most prestigious business qualification in this country. As for CA(SA) decision, reading industry specific news doesn’t seem to help. As for MBA, the thought of being a CEO of a blue chip company, just drives me to a place of hard-working individuals. Please help!!!!

Business is my thing, commerce and industry is my specialization. What about Audit? I think Auditing is for people who are rather much more like me. Should I consider it as a career of choice? The answer is simple, am already an auditor, but the difference is am not yet certified. Therefore I am an uncertified Auditor.

Only God knows how much I love the Accounting industry. However challenging studies may seem, I am hanging in there by trying to add more and more flavour to my studies. How?

MBA (Master of Business Administration) seem to be a licence to a qualification for CEO designates. You need to be a leader in order to take any corporation to greater heights. It seems that business schools in this country are profiting from the so called leadership qualification.

At the end of the day it is apparent that if accountants, actuaries, social scientists and mathematicians can sit down, a new profession will be born. This professionals will come up with a career that deduce formula of being a powerhouse in the career world. they will among other things deduce a formula of being successful in life.

Thanks to confusion regarding my career of choice, because it gave birth to this article.

The reality of the situation is I dig the world of mercantile.

I can go for ever giving perks and benefits of working in the Accounting sector.

With lots of ambition at heart

DH Mahlangu
CEO______Dumi Inc

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