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Facebook Inc: The fastest growing company

Reports shows that internet companies are growing at a rapid rate. Dumisani Mahlangu investigates Facebook Inc.

It did not come as a surprise to learn that Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of facebook has won the most coveted price of “Time 2011” as  the 2011 Times most influential person. We use facebok for many different reasons ranging from marketing a product to connecting with friends,relatives and colleagues.

Facebook is the fastest growing company since 2004. In January 2011, facebook Inc was valued at $50 billion, and at the time of writing this post, it is worth $65 Billion. Its market valuation is twice that of internet giant Yahoo.Whether facebook Inc is ready to go public it is a debate that is discussed in the facebook inc’s boardroom. It seems that Mark Zurkerbeg  is still enjoying the idea of being a private CEO.

Time Value of Facebook:

As it nears the seventh anniversary of its founding in a residence of Harvard University, Facebook is more mature than google when it went public in 2004. At that time, google was worth $24 billion.  However, it is interesting to note that, by the time google turned seven, investors placed it to the value of $ 90 billion.

Time will tell. The $65 billion market valuation of facebook Inc, is twice more than that of Yahoo. It is  also worth more than  ebay-but still less than- Amazon. How does it fare when it’s being compared to that of google. In 2011, the market valuations of Google stands at about $ 200 billion.

Facebook has grown quickly as a business, even as it seeks to retain a startup culture, valuing innovation, hiring the smartest engineers from its neighbors and gobbling up small tech companies.

Why is facebook worth this much?

According to msnbc  facebook inc is valued to it’s current worth mainly because f the following factors.

  • It has over 500 million users, and these people share about 30 billion contents on the site.
  • Although facebook is free, their revenue is generated through the selling of highly targeted ads. It is to become a marketing mecca soonest.
  • It has the most smartest human capital, I mean it employs engineers, financial experts and computer scientists.
  • Large companies are investing in Facebook Inc, such as Microsoft, digital sky, Goldman Sach, to name but a few.
  • It generated $1.29 billion in online ad revenue in 2010.

Pictured detailed report  of  who owns facebook?

Facebook is owned by number of investors ranging from investors to musicians. The biggest shareholders in Facebook Inc are facebook staff and Mark Zuckerberg with the holding of 30 percent and 24 percent respectively.

Picture by Dumisani MAhlangu

Source: May issue of GQ Magazine, pg 28.

The establishment of facebook was indeed, a heavenly invention. For now, let me go like the likeable statuses on facebook. Connect with me!!!!!

Source: May issue of GQ South Africa, Time Magazine and MSNBC.COM.


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The most innovative entrepreneurs in the digital era….

When I think about innovation, I think about something new, unique, fresh, creative or just a brilliant idea. Innovation is a new term that every company which is in the face of restructuring adopt.  INNOVATION IS POWERFUL….!

Well, here I am bringing you four people I think are the most innovative people in the digital era. Some of the people mentioned here made life of Generation Y’ers more fun, more bearable and/or more difficult for that matter. You will soon find out who those people are? Some of them made everybody looks smart. Unfortunately others made Generation Y’ers to abuse the Queens Language.

It is because of their bright minds, that made them where they are today. They were innovative enough to make their millions in no time. Okay, all of them have something in common, they give our fingers something to do.

The first entrepreneur, to take the tittle is the most loved Mark Zurkerberg. Mark is also Generation Y’er, born in 1984, he remain the youngest billionaire on earth. He is the founder and the CEO of Facebook, the networking site with most members. He takes the tittle first, because if facebook was a country it  would be the most populated country on earth following India and China.

The second innovators to walk with a price has to be google founders, Larry page and Sergey Brin. Google went public in 2004, and from there everybody seem to know everything and for that, they are the most innovative entrepreneur in today’s life according to Dumirocks. Watch the video, the world according to google and you will see that this guys are set to be ridiculously rich. Oh yes am feeling lucky!!!

The third is Steve Jobs. This man, and his co-founders made life difficult for most people in a sense that people seem not to know that Apple is actually a fruit and not a gadget. His company’s tagline “Think Different” just prove the fact that being innovative pays. Watch his inspiring video and listen to his three interesting stories and learn from him how to live before you die.      

And lastly, our very own(South African), Herman Heunis takes the crown. Herman Heunis is a founder of MXIT, oh, yes the social networking site which is responsible for ruining my spelling ability and the way I use the English grammar. He gets the crown because it is his mxit that gave birth to the so called MxIt LaNgUaGe. How many of you are lolling at this moment. LMAO, m cying Herman Heunis s de gr8test innova8r of  al tyms. Now this is classic.

It is all of the aforementioned entrepreneurs that make me believe that by joining the revolution, to think different and to connect to people, one can really make the difference in this world. Take note that the italised words are the slogan of MXIT, Apple, and facebook respectively.

“Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship. The act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth.”_____Peter Drucker.

This guys just proved him (Peter Drucker) right!!!


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