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The sword of leadership is criticism, embrace it!

It is your birthday today and your significant other get you a nicely wrapped package with a note “Happy Birthday, With love X”. This gesture clarifies the appreciation and love that this person has for you. Likewise, leadership comes with its own packages, albeit not neat. Frustrating moments, tears, joys and criticism are part of what is in the leadership bag. In other times, a package with a note “My dear leader, with due respect, you suck and seriously so” adorn your ears. What do you do when you are encountered with such words? Do you take this criticism constructively  and fix your inequities or do you go on a defensive mode?

I am a young fellow, very young to have not witnessed Nelson Mandela’s release from Robben Island. In the past I have been a member of few societies on campus because it is in these societies that you drink wine [sic] and meet dazzling and radiantly beautiful ladies. However, moments later you realise that wine and cheese do not matter any more, and real issues needs to be confronted and addressed if circumstances permit. It is in this stage that problems arise and your character as a society leader gets tested. Senior members will hold you accountable to the very last word as promised by your annual plan of action.

At this hour wine glasses are broken and bottles empty. Fortunately enough the corkscrew is still intact – it is the human mind that is tinkered with fermented fruit juice. You, as a society leader might believe that the members’ questions or any utterances they throw are informed by the irrationality of fruity water they just consumed.

Those you lead will always have grievances with the manner in which you conduct business.They will seek clarity and question whatever looks suspicious and more often than not doing so while criticizing you. The emotional intelligence required by this turnouts from your team or members is that you embrace whatever criticism that might come your way.

My membership in these campus societies taught me that there will always be opinion leaders – often mistaken as echo-chambers – who will criticize you and question every line item on the financial report. In most cases their thoughts are valuable and emotionally charged. You need to keep calm, shut your mouth and open your ears when you are being criticized. When you have heard these “echo-chambers” you will be a better and effective leader. In fact keep these people at bay, never let them sail away from your harbour for they are the most important resource in your society.

You hear something along this lines “You are a pretty crappy leader”, take this constructively,  gather your thoughts, down a glass of water and give a calm response that is not driven by emotions!

The sword of leadership is criticism and your shield humility. Embrace it and do eat a humble pie should situations dictate!


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There is really no one who can predict the future. Whether you are a futurist, a sangoma or a fortune teller, you just cannot predict the morrow. Oh well at least, that‘s my affirmation.

What is really my point? If the so called “futurist” could predict the future, Couldn’t they tell us well in advance that the future does not look good in the North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa?

Oh well, the issue of leadership is quite serious. There is political unrest in Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and Cote’d ivoire.  What causes this unrest? Unplanned leadership, not so-solid constitutions or power hungry leaders who want to hang on the throne for dear life?

It is quite disturbing to learn that even in the 21st century; dictatorship is still the order of the day.  Mr Gaddaffi, Mr Gbagbo, and Mr Mubarak have been in the leadership seat for far too long. (Zimbabwean President is left intentionally in this example, because I still need to visit his country). The longer you lead, the more you lose the vision and the purpose of your role. One tends to be stubborn, arrogant, and greedy. A domineering leader ends up in a situation where he makes uniformed decisions. The vision has been lost, and the faith of the people you are leading is shaken.  That’s evident by the people of Libya, Tunisia and Egypt who have been protesting against the power that their leaders command.

The sinking leadership in this continent is detrimental to Africa and her people. Political instability occurs, and the stock market is being affected negatively. This event drives away investment opportunities out of the continent. The ordinary man in the street is the one who is hardest hit, as these dictators says “We command power, I am the boss here”.

How do we save the sinking ship?

The establishment of a leadership institute by the former president of South Africa, Mr Thabo Mbeki is one good measure to save the leadership sinking ship in this continent.

How about making it a constitution of this continent that one cannot be a President for more than two terms? I believe that can go a long way in saving the sinking ship. I mean these guys are hanging in the presidential seat for a dear donkey’s years.

Oh, yes we have African Union. Mr Chairman how about you buy each of the new Presidents a book by one of the legendary leadership Authors? Just imagine what type of leaders Africa can have if each one of them read a book by Steven R Covey, Malcolm Gladwell, Robin Sharma and Rudolph W. Giuliani? We can have exceptional leaders, who are free of greed and full of optimism.

Who is responsible for the state of Africa?

Who is responsible for the sinking ship of leadership in this continent? Is Africa really free?

Leadership in most part of Africa is in a distasteful state. Many of our leaders have or are committing crime against humanity. Africans on a daily basis, suffers from hunger merely because of leaders who are greedy and does not serve selflessly. Africa is a developmental continent, we are doing well, but some of our leaders are putting all the hard work of former good leaders to waste.

A neat way to solve leadership issues in this continent, country by country is for each one of us to take responsibility in citizenry. As a citizen of a particular country in Africa, one must by far and large participate in issues of governance.


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Global Young Leader 2010…………….Khanyi

Founding editor Destiny Magazine

Thank you for landing on this blog-post, I will however not talk about Khanyi “The socialite” Mbau, I will rather talk about Khanyi “The woman of virtue” Dhlomo. Khanyi Dhlomo, the boss lady of Ndalo media and the founding editor of Destiny magazine has seen herself making a list of global young leaders. An only invitational club bestowed by World Economic Forum.

I personally take pride and joy  when I see a fellow South African shine on a global landscape. khanyi Dhlomo, was recently selected to be amongst Global Young Leaders (GYL) of 2010 by World Economic Forum. The Young Global Leaders are comprised of some of the most extraordinary leaders in various fields and around the globe. They are agent of change,  They are the people who will change the world by using their social awareness, entrepreneurial involvement and strong leadership skills.

khanyi Dhlomo did not get invited by mere luck. She boast a Master of Business Administration from the elite Harvard University. According to the  GYL selection committee, Ms Dhlomo was selected because of recognition of  her record of professional accomplishments, her commitment to society and her potential to contribute to shaping the future of the world through her inspiring leadership.

Dhlomo commented by saying;

I’m thrilled and honoured to represent South Africa as part of this prestigious and dynamic international community. It’s a significant responsibility, but also an exciting opportunity to put the issues facing South Africa’s youth on the global agenda. As a new member of the Forum of Young Global Leaders, I’m also inspired by the opportunity to join like-minded women and men from around the world in debates, collaborations and initiatives that will positively impact our world and its people.

Khanyi Dhlomo, is an award winning media personality and also sit on the Foschini group board of director where she sits  on her capacity as a Non-Executive director.

Khanyi Dhlomo  truly inspires the youth of Africa, South Africa and the world.  As for me, should you tell me about Khanyi, it must be a Dhlomo and not “you know who”.

source: BizCommunity and weforum.

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