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South Africa’s Youth Agency calls for unemployed graduates

This month (June) is adoptedd by National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) as Youth Month. To mark and celebrate this  month, NYDA calls for unemployed youth to register on their job seekers database. The Jobs and Opportunities Seekers’ Database (JOBS) – is a free online database for young people looking for job and training opportunities. JOBS is part of the Unemployed Graduates Initiative which was officially launched by the then Deputy President of South Africa, Ms Phumzile Mlambo Ngquka in December 2005. It is part of the JIPSA and ASGISA initiative. For tips on how to increase you chance of getting a job see this post.

See an advert below, as it appears on page 12  of career section on Sunday Times, dated 5 June 2011.

As seen on Sunday Times, 05 June 2011

if you are an unemployed graduate send your CV as in yesterday. All the best!!!!


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Job hunting skills

Job search drive one insane, don't be one of them. (Source: ASA)

Laduuuma, you hold your vuvuzela as you celebrate the fact that you have completed your academic studies. it’s a dream come true. On this day  many of the  graduates are  on a jovial mood as they celebrate their achievement. The truth of the matter is that for many graduates and diplomates , the celebration will be short lived as the reality hit home that they need to find employment as soon as they possibly can. I believe that looking for an employment doesn’t start at graduation day, but well before the big day. Herein I documents tips on how to look for a job, while you are still reading towards your qualification. Start looking for a job now, and if you land yourself a bursary that’s also good.

  • Register with a reputable employment agency.
  • Send UNSOLICITED CV’s (These are CV’s that are send to targeted employers without them having to advertise a vacant post.) You basically tell them to put your details on their database.
  •  Register your details with the career office at your campus. They help finalist and alumni to get jobs.
  • Do buy newspapers (e.g. The Star every Wednesday houses the section called “Workplace”, get Sunday Times, Mail & Guardian and Jobmail.)
  •  Get hold of the Graduate Recruitment Handbooks or Career Magazines (e.g. GradX, and CareerSA). These magazines and handbooks are obtainable from the career office at your campus.

Furthermore, do subscribe to the following websites. They house job opportunities. They are also available on facebook and twitter.

  9. And, websites of your targeted employer. (e.g if you need to work for an accounting firm or if you need a career in law)

Further hints & tips as adopted from a career magazine.

“Theo Smit, who heads up the management consulting division at Premier Personnel, says that graduating students need to be re-energised during this period. “The last six months is about getting up with a new-found energy and starting to look at web portals, attend presentations and seek out career advice”  (GradX,2010)

“You need to change your whole philosophy. Nothing is worse than waking up on 1 January and saying that you need to find a job. You must take a discipline approach, research companies that interest you, write well-structured introduction letters with specific contents and monitor the market” (GradX, 2010).

“This is the time to fine-tune your CV. In addition to good grades, prospective employers look for candidates who can demonstrate more than their academic prowess. They want to see if you have part-time work experience or volunteered to work for a charity, if you have participated in campus societies, received any awards, attended conferences or taken part in sporting events” (GradX, 2010).

P.S: Remember, looking for a job is a full time job. Be positive, be proactive and yes nail that interview. GOOD LUCK!!! 🙂

If you have some job hunting skills that you have learned or dealt with the hard way and yielded positive results, please share your experience and tips on a comment box below.

WARNING: Please beware of job scams!!!!


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