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A career murderer: Twitter & Co.

You tweet at your own peril….

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By the time you decide to remove your tweets, it will probably been re-tweeted and replied to thousand of times. I am positive that by the time you take that deliberate decision to remove that tweet off your timeline it will be late. This was evidenced by Jessica Leandra Dos Santos (a model) and the libel she posted on twitter. Frankly, I did not know who Leandra was until that Friday morning. For those who live under the rock in an open sea, Leandra tweeted rather irresponsibly (sic). She tweeted “Just, well took on an arrogant and disrespectful k***** inside Spar. Should have punched him, should have.”, she later posted another equally racist rant that I will not take pleasure in quoting.

Little did she know that by the end of the day she would have lost all her sponsorships and that coveted title every model is dreaming of. As far as I know people like Leandra are called ambassadors and they must at all times act in a way that the company they are representing want to be seen by the masses. For her unintelligent tweet, all she got was a punch from her sponsors. They punched her, they really did!

Once upon a time, not so long ago I penned an article in which I was offering tips on how to keep your online presence clean. It is very imperative that one interact responsibly on social media sites. There are professionals who write blogs in their personal capacity and they defend themselves by writing a disclaimer in which they say that they are blogging or tweeting in their personal capacity and the view expressed on their websites are  their own and not of the employers.

Jessica’s incidence is not a stranger to those who follow social media passionately. In 2010, Australian swimmer Stephanie Rice lost her sponsored Jaguar sports car after tweeting “Suck on that you fa***ts!” after the Springboks lost to the Wallabies.

It is obvious that both Jessica Leandra and Stephanie Rice made a big mistake and hopefully they will learn from it – and (with) them learning from it, others will as well.

Facebook, tweet and google + responsibly, and remember when you are drunk and angry stay away from social media. Your job and sponsorship is more important than a 140 character sentence.

Take all but this, tweet at your own peril because twitter & Co (Social networks) are leading cause of career deaths!!!


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Facebook Group: When I am big I want to be a CA

In my previous blogpost “50 things to do before you become a Chartered Accountant“, point 31 reads as follows “Join the facebook group when I am big I want to be a CA”. On this blogpost I bring you all the reason why you seriously need to consider joining this Facebook group. Sit back, relax and let your eyes browse through this piece.

Facebook Group: When I am big I want to be a CA

When I am big I want to be a CA:  Facebook group for aspiring Chartered Accountants (CA) by a Charted Accountant. This is wonderful group whereby an aspiring Chartered Accountant can spend his time on the group’s wall. By so doing an aspiring CA will learn all about the hip and happenings of the Accounting sector, what one needs to do in order to be a CA and lastly share their varsity and CA experience.

The founder of the group Paul Maughan is a qualified Chartered Accountant and an academic at the elite University of Cape Town. He post industry news, discussion forum and tips about the proffession. The group members engage in the conversation by asking questions, whereby Paul and other group members answer them. I like to believe that this is the biggest facebook group in South Africa for aspiring professionals.

According to Paul Maughan, the motivation behind the establishment of this facebook group is:

I am starting this group in my personal capacity because I am passionate about equipping the world with talented South Africans who know their stuff! I also think that the more the facebook generation sticks together, the more fun the whole CA experience can be. So please invite your friends if you feel the same.

The following are reason why an Aspiring Chartered Accountant should join this group.

  • Everyone in the group is a learner.
  • It is the most active facebook group, and the administrators engage with the group members as far as possible.
  • The group contain tips on how to choose a company to do a training contract with.
  • The administrators gives studying tips and other relevant tips.
  • The other group members post interesting questions, job opportunities and they also greet (Ubuntu right there).
  • It makes the whole CA experience a worthwhile journey.
  • There are inspiring stories to read about.
  • You learn more about the Chartered Accountancy profession, it’s pecks and benefit and what it means to be a CA in corporate South Africa.

Yes, C’mon, log on your facebook profile and join the group “When I am big I want to be a CA”, for you will be inspired and in no time you will hold the designation CA (SA).

The long term benefit of social networking sites is that they provide learning opportunities in an informal way.

Hahahaha! escape the job from hell, be a CA(SA). Be inspired and esCAlate…..


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The most innovative entrepreneurs in the digital era….

When I think about innovation, I think about something new, unique, fresh, creative or just a brilliant idea. Innovation is a new term that every company which is in the face of restructuring adopt.  INNOVATION IS POWERFUL….!

Well, here I am bringing you four people I think are the most innovative people in the digital era. Some of the people mentioned here made life of Generation Y’ers more fun, more bearable and/or more difficult for that matter. You will soon find out who those people are? Some of them made everybody looks smart. Unfortunately others made Generation Y’ers to abuse the Queens Language.

It is because of their bright minds, that made them where they are today. They were innovative enough to make their millions in no time. Okay, all of them have something in common, they give our fingers something to do.

The first entrepreneur, to take the tittle is the most loved Mark Zurkerberg. Mark is also Generation Y’er, born in 1984, he remain the youngest billionaire on earth. He is the founder and the CEO of Facebook, the networking site with most members. He takes the tittle first, because if facebook was a country it  would be the most populated country on earth following India and China.

The second innovators to walk with a price has to be google founders, Larry page and Sergey Brin. Google went public in 2004, and from there everybody seem to know everything and for that, they are the most innovative entrepreneur in today’s life according to Dumirocks. Watch the video, the world according to google and you will see that this guys are set to be ridiculously rich. Oh yes am feeling lucky!!!

The third is Steve Jobs. This man, and his co-founders made life difficult for most people in a sense that people seem not to know that Apple is actually a fruit and not a gadget. His company’s tagline “Think Different” just prove the fact that being innovative pays. Watch his inspiring video and listen to his three interesting stories and learn from him how to live before you die.      

And lastly, our very own(South African), Herman Heunis takes the crown. Herman Heunis is a founder of MXIT, oh, yes the social networking site which is responsible for ruining my spelling ability and the way I use the English grammar. He gets the crown because it is his mxit that gave birth to the so called MxIt LaNgUaGe. How many of you are lolling at this moment. LMAO, m cying Herman Heunis s de gr8test innova8r of  al tyms. Now this is classic.

It is all of the aforementioned entrepreneurs that make me believe that by joining the revolution, to think different and to connect to people, one can really make the difference in this world. Take note that the italised words are the slogan of MXIT, Apple, and facebook respectively.

“Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship. The act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth.”_____Peter Drucker.

This guys just proved him (Peter Drucker) right!!!


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keep your online presence clean…

The introduction of social networks brought a great changed in the way we behave, we do business and interact with those close to our hearts. Online presence refer to the way in which your social network profile appears online, and to the third parties.  The term given to online presence is called “Google CV”. Google CV refers to the result that appears after people who are interested in our lives/in our services get. Some of those people include potential employers. Have you try to search your name and see what the result will be?

I like to believe that our Google CV remains clean untill we join social networking sites such as Facebook, flickr, Twitter and others. It is of great importance to watch the manner in which we socialize online. Those thing ranges from things we say, pictures and videos we upload and the links we post on our friends wall.

We all know how good and how interesting social networking sites can be. We do everything on those sites, including things that we cannot do under sober conditions.

Well this post come to serve as a tip, on how to keep your socila presence clean, and keep your brand-name and reputation in a good standing. Although facebook can be greatly beneficial, ensure that you avoid the following points while having nice time on social networks.

  • Never or Avoid posting pictures with booze on your facebook profile, they suggest that you are a drunkard and that can make you lose the job interview.
  • Never post status updates that suggest hate speech, or any other post that may bring your employer into disrepute.
  • Status updates such as “My boss is a jerk” or “I hate my job” can cost you your job.
  • As an employees, you should not disclose company information which can be subject to the Copyright Act
  • Stay away from social networking sites when you are on leave (especially sick leave) because you might make a blunder.

I urge that you try to keep your facebook profile splendidly clean, allow  limited access to your pictures to those you are friends with. It is also quite advisable to make your profile private. Remember that once something hits the net, it will never be removable. That is because of the way information multiplies on the internet.

As your liking thy status, poking thy charming woman and commenting on that wall, keep in mind on what type of things you do online, because thy can make or break your professional life.

Facebook is still the leading  legitimate way of social networking, so have as much fun but hey watch out, do not ruin your reputation in the process!!!!

And lastly “Use privacy settings to limit the flow of information between you and your friends”.

Have facebook for breakfast , twitter is for lunch and of course youtube is more interesting during supper. Keep your online presence clean…………!!!!!!


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