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Facebook Group: When I am big I want to be a CA

In my previous blogpost “50 things to do before you become a Chartered Accountant“, point 31 reads as follows “Join the facebook group when I am big I want to be a CA”. On this blogpost I bring you all the reason why you seriously need to consider joining this Facebook group. Sit back, relax and let your eyes browse through this piece.

Facebook Group: When I am big I want to be a CA

When I am big I want to be a CA:  Facebook group for aspiring Chartered Accountants (CA) by a Charted Accountant. This is wonderful group whereby an aspiring Chartered Accountant can spend his time on the group’s wall. By so doing an aspiring CA will learn all about the hip and happenings of the Accounting sector, what one needs to do in order to be a CA and lastly share their varsity and CA experience.

The founder of the group Paul Maughan is a qualified Chartered Accountant and an academic at the elite University of Cape Town. He post industry news, discussion forum and tips about the proffession. The group members engage in the conversation by asking questions, whereby Paul and other group members answer them. I like to believe that this is the biggest facebook group in South Africa for aspiring professionals.

According to Paul Maughan, the motivation behind the establishment of this facebook group is:

I am starting this group in my personal capacity because I am passionate about equipping the world with talented South Africans who know their stuff! I also think that the more the facebook generation sticks together, the more fun the whole CA experience can be. So please invite your friends if you feel the same.

The following are reason why an Aspiring Chartered Accountant should join this group.

  • Everyone in the group is a learner.
  • It is the most active facebook group, and the administrators engage with the group members as far as possible.
  • The group contain tips on how to choose a company to do a training contract with.
  • The administrators gives studying tips and other relevant tips.
  • The other group members post interesting questions, job opportunities and they also greet (Ubuntu right there).
  • It makes the whole CA experience a worthwhile journey.
  • There are inspiring stories to read about.
  • You learn more about the Chartered Accountancy profession, it’s pecks and benefit and what it means to be a CA in corporate South Africa.

Yes, C’mon, log on your facebook profile and join the group “When I am big I want to be a CA”, for you will be inspired and in no time you will hold the designation CA (SA).

The long term benefit of social networking sites is that they provide learning opportunities in an informal way.

Hahahaha! escape the job from hell, be a CA(SA). Be inspired and esCAlate…..


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50 things to do before you become a Chartered Accountant

This piece is entirely superficial, but enlightening too. So since you have read to this point, please go untill pint #50.

1. Believe me this is an exposure draft (ED) “Lessons for aspiring Chartered Accountants”

2. You have to know it because it will soon be an Accounting Standard, whether you like it or not.

3. Ooops you don’t know what an exposure draft is.

4. Propose a standard for IASB.

5. Be a fresher at one of the South African Universities.

6. Make sure you know how to write the word CHARTERED before you apply for admission at any University; you’ll be surprised how many aspiring Chartered Accountants don’t know how to write this word.

7. Read the business Section of WEEKLY newspaper.

8. Read annual financial statements at least once a year.

9. Apply for vacation work at Ezweni communications.

10. This is the 10th thing to do before you qualify as a Chartered Accountant.

11. You better like Information Systems because it brings you the beauty of PASTEL|ACCOUNTING.

12. Visit SAICA Headquarters at Bruma Lake, Johannesburg.

13. Print a T-Shirt with a sweet line on the back “Aspiring Chartered Accountant”.

14. Make use of your Fridays drinking wine, only people with class enjoy the privileges.

15. Tutorials, tutorials oh my gosh…..

16. The letter CA (SA) is contagious, even the drama students want to be Chartered Accountants.

17. Actuarial Science students hate Accounting students, don’t be bothered by this; they are silly they want to integrate the word CA (SA) by part.

18. Avoid Science students, especially chemist their theories don’t exist in the Accounting world.

19. Be a friend with a humanities student, they are helpful when it comes to ethics essays.

20. Avoid the notice board, especially after the release of the accounting results, you’ll collapse.

21. Do vacation work as much as you can.

22. Read accounting journals especially Accountancy SA.

23. Be as friendly as you can during your articles especially to the front desk assistants, they will tip you on the behaviour of the company’s FD.

24. If Ezweni Communication is your client, be super friendly to Queen Moroka.

25. Visit SAICA website atleast once a week.

26. Write an accounting love letter to SAICA President Matsobane Matlwa.

27. Be on the SAICA marketing campaign “Escape the job from hell- be a CA (SA)”

28. Spam Chantyl Mulder, Mandi Olivier and Nazeeer Wadee, they are helpful people at SAICA.

29. Don’t forget IAS 69 “Accounting for girlfriends” it’s very important for a SUPPLEMENTARY exam.

30. Remember what I said about the notice board?

31. Join the facebook group when I am big I want to be a CA.

32. Never be friends with Medics, their way of thinking is totally unacceptable. They are going to diagnose you with Accounting Syndrome.

33. Bother Nthato Selebi to increase the damn Thuthuka allowance.

34. Pass your exams as if you want to be an academic trainee.

35. Make sure that you graduate with a BCom,BAcc or BBusSci Degree.

36. Make sure that you cram the entire PGDA/Honours syllabus.

37. Enter into a training contract and never report for work.

38. Exercise hard to pass QE 1.

39. During your honours, don’t worry about fees. FASSET will come to your rescue.

40. When you encounter relationship problems, remind your partner that the designation is waiting for you.

41. And that means you have a secured financial future, are you sure?

42. Associate yourself with the following abbreviations SAICA, CA (SA), IRBA.

43. Are you on track, remember you not reading an accounting standard.

44. Convince your employer to register you for a board course.

45. You passed QE 1 by luck, now all you have to do is hire Joel Santana to be your Audit partner.

46. The salary gradually increases and the motivation does the same.

47. Pass QE 2 and terminate Joel Santana’s contract.

48. Motivate yourself by acknowledging the fact that there is a severe shortage of Chartered Accountants.

49. You are getting there, relax finish your Audit hours.

50. Qualify as a CA (SA), Celebrate and esCAlate……


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