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Facebook Group: When I am big I want to be a CA

In my previous blogpost “50 things to do before you become a Chartered Accountant“, point 31 reads as follows “Join the facebook group when I am big I want to be a CA”. On this blogpost I bring you all the reason why you seriously need to consider joining this Facebook group. Sit back, relax and let your eyes browse through this piece.

Facebook Group: When I am big I want to be a CA

When I am big I want to be a CA:  Facebook group for aspiring Chartered Accountants (CA) by a Charted Accountant. This is wonderful group whereby an aspiring Chartered Accountant can spend his time on the group’s wall. By so doing an aspiring CA will learn all about the hip and happenings of the Accounting sector, what one needs to do in order to be a CA and lastly share their varsity and CA experience.

The founder of the group Paul Maughan is a qualified Chartered Accountant and an academic at the elite University of Cape Town. He post industry news, discussion forum and tips about the proffession. The group members engage in the conversation by asking questions, whereby Paul and other group members answer them. I like to believe that this is the biggest facebook group in South Africa for aspiring professionals.

According to Paul Maughan, the motivation behind the establishment of this facebook group is:

I am starting this group in my personal capacity because I am passionate about equipping the world with talented South Africans who know their stuff! I also think that the more the facebook generation sticks together, the more fun the whole CA experience can be. So please invite your friends if you feel the same.

The following are reason why an Aspiring Chartered Accountant should join this group.

  • Everyone in the group is a learner.
  • It is the most active facebook group, and the administrators engage with the group members as far as possible.
  • The group contain tips on how to choose a company to do a training contract with.
  • The administrators gives studying tips and other relevant tips.
  • The other group members post interesting questions, job opportunities and they also greet (Ubuntu right there).
  • It makes the whole CA experience a worthwhile journey.
  • There are inspiring stories to read about.
  • You learn more about the Chartered Accountancy profession, it’s pecks and benefit and what it means to be a CA in corporate South Africa.

Yes, C’mon, log on your facebook profile and join the group “When I am big I want to be a CA”, for you will be inspired and in no time you will hold the designation CA (SA).

The long term benefit of social networking sites is that they provide learning opportunities in an informal way.

Hahahaha! escape the job from hell, be a CA(SA). Be inspired and esCAlate…..


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Thuthuka Bursary Fund: Helping you realise your Dream of becoming a CA(SA)

The Matric exams are underway , you are confused as hell as to what you want to do the following year. Don’t you think that pursuing a career as Chartered Accountant can be a solution?  If you are a person of colour, financially needy and academically gifted, Thuthuka Bursary Fund can help you fund your studies to help you qualify as CA(SA).

Targeted at boosting the numbers of black CAs(SA), Thuthuka is a holistic programme designed to nurture promising black students from high school, through university and, ultimately, to prepare them for their qualifying examinations towards becoming CAs(SA). (GradX,2010).

On the 19th of January 2010, Morning live presenter Vuyo Mbuli, hosted Thuthuka Project Director Nthato Selebi and Thuthuka bursar, Tokologo Makofane to talk about the Thuthuka bursary initiative. Click here to watch the video.

For more information about being a Chartered Accountant, click here to visit  SAICA’s website.

Chartered Accountancy is a noble profession in South Africa,and well sought-after designation in the world.

Source: SAICA, GradX


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