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Aspire to Inspire before you expire

Yes, it is 2011, and am back from a long well-deserved break. I hope that 2011 promises new hope, aspirations and dreams. Leaders around the world are trying to come up with solutions that might change the world for the better. Corporate leaders are trying to inspire change through motivation so that the labourers can be inspired to work hard, use resources efficiently and increase profitability.

So the question of interest is what are we as young people doing to be inspired? Do we aspire to inspire? What are we doing to live up to that quote? At least few young people are taking volunteerism in a name of social change to live up to this quote (ASPIRE TO INSPIRE).

I believe that the leaders of tomorrow, (of course you) must be able to inspire their teams. How do you get inspired?

I am a young leader who believes very much in INSPIRATION. I mean I need it to go forward, to wake up in the morning and to sit down in my study desk and hit those books as hard as I possibly can. I have lot of people whom I draw inspiration from, and one such person is Billy-Guy Bhembe. He inspires me because he calls himself a “young billionaire” and yes I call myself “The CEO”. Billy-Guy is a motivational speaker and a founding member of the foundation black child its possible. Black Child its possible is an organization that inspires young people and possible leaders of tomorrow to be the very best they can be.

On his website Billy-Guy says “BLACK CHILD ITS POSSIBLE is an inspirational movement for the African Child who never thought it would be possible to see the other side of the coin. It is about pulling together and understanding that it is only when we do away with pessimistic thoughts and self-hate that our destinies will be shaped“.

As we are 47 days into 2011, young man, young woman let us awaken our  dreams knowing that the power of  inspiration is within us. Let us have people who inspire us and in turn let us be the agent of social change.

Indeed Billy-Guy inspires me more when he say “I speak one language fluently and that is inspiration.” I mean this words are so profound that they remind one that he truly has a compelling cause in this world.

Give a leader of tomorrow hope, inspire and lastly DARE TO INNOVATE!!!

From the mind of a young person, aspire to inspire before you expire and you will see this world will be a better place to live in and to lead on.

Truly inspired….


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