We are youth with great potential

30 Mar

There is something that people say about young people in South Africa. You know what they say? They say that we (youth) are passive, complacent, and apathetic in addressing the issues that affects our lives directly. Perhaps, they are right, perhaps not.

Aristotle once conveyed something that troubles me. He said something to this effect “The young are permanently in a state resembling intoxication”.

Let me show you why I struggle with comprehending the legitimacy of the quote cited in the preceding paragraph.

I am not defending young people due to the fact that I am young, I do so purely because I am of the opinion that young people are playing their part in making this country a better place. Whatever issue that troubles them, they face it head-on by coming with creative ways to solve the issue they deem to be pertinent to them. They come up with initiatives that dispel the myth that seek to undermine the positive contribution they make. Some come up with initiatives that confront the issues of poor quality of teaching and learning in their communities, while others come with projects that offer young people to embody the spirit of entrepreneurship and the other significant low number of other young people introduce initiatives that encourages people to think outside the box, challenge the status quo and question what is being conveyed to them as unconventional truth.

Ordinary youth of South Africa are doing extra-ordinary things to better the lives of their peers in the society they reside in. In the community of Klipgat (A township, north of Pretoria), a group of young people started an organisation that help learners of that community with subject in Mathematics, Science and Accounting. Another group of students at the University of Stellenbosch started an initiative called Pitchin (@Pitchin_SA), where they offer an enabling platform for students to pitch their business ideas. These are just few of the stories about ordinary young people who passionately want to see South Africa thrives despite all the challenges, be economic, or political.

Looking at this, can we then deduce that Aristotle was wrong in saying that young people are constantly in the state of intoxication. If he was indeed right, then he was not referring to youth of a beautiful South Africa.

It is for this reason I say that South African young people are a youth with great potential. 

I am greatly inspired by those who display a character of selflessness in shaping this beautiful nation.

Until next time, I still speak my mind one thought at a time. 



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5 responses to “We are youth with great potential

  1. Percy

    March 30, 2013 at 10:44 pm

    Wow… Beautiful piece you inscribed Dumi. Thank you for fighting the generalization provided by Aristotle about youth and intoxication. However, the question one has to ponder is: Is the youth of SA doing enough? The majority are still intoxicated living for Alcohol, drugs and disrespect the significance of education.

    Courage to those who have started something just like you. We can start small but it’s not enough.

    • Dumi-rocks

      April 1, 2013 at 11:20 am

      Thank you Percy. Few as we are, we are fighting a good fight. One of this days we will wake up in a country free of drugs, alcohol and passionate respect for education.

      We are winning one initiative at at a time.

  2. Bafedile Mafologele

    March 30, 2013 at 11:13 pm

    I think Aristotle was intoxicated and not the youth. All the people who are adults today were “youth” at once and dreamed of being someone someday. Today some of those are something. We cannot continue to beat our youth down, it is counter-productive and damn retarded.

    Do the youth of today have potential? Without a doubt. As it is often said, the youth are the future, we are the ones who are going to replace the Mandelas of this nation. The only problem is realising the potential. Without someone to help us reach our potential, we could potentially not realise it and end up having people calling us “potential-less”. I had someone to help me navigate my way through the tough times, someone who encouraged me and reminded me that potential is what I can be and not what I am. Without that individual, I wonder if I could have done it. It goes back to the issue of humanity.

    In native families, each elder is your mother or father regardless of whether they are your biological or not. These people help us realise our potential and mould us into better individuals. I sincerely hope you realise yours. The youth of today are far more intelligent than our primitive forefathers, they have potential.

    • Dumi-rocks

      April 1, 2013 at 11:22 am

      Thanks Mr. Mafalogele for your contribution. With people like you by my sight, I have no doubt that I’d fail to realise my potential.

  3. africanistsocialist

    April 3, 2013 at 3:18 am

    I don’t understand the context under which Aristotle made his averments, but intoxication can be a positive concept depend on context…On the other hand, yes our youth possesses a great deal of potential and energy that is not harnessed and channeled properly.

    My biggest worry as a member of this population grouping, is the youths intoxication with the idea that for one to be successful they must acquire as much material wealth as they can irrespective of how many people you had to step on to reach your goals…Steve Biko once reiterated that Greed coupled with Spiritual poverty kills and I think that is where the majority of our youth is heading, Ubuntu in our community has been almost completely been eroded as a result of concepts of ambition and potential being devoid of the Human Element(Ubuntu).

    Great Piece My brother as it has forced me to think about my own potential as youth and those that have inspired me and my progress throughout my life ..

    Enkosi Bra


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