Lack of sight, extra-ordinary vision and an absolute legend!

23 Jan


I am one dude who greatly respect people and love listening to their stories and the way they view things. I like conversations. I like robust debates especially ones that will challenge me an expand my intellectual capital. To feed this hunger, I started listening to talk shows, speeches, and listening to motivational speakers. But let me tell you my perception about motivational speakers. I think they are bunch of enterprising people who have realized that a mankind is playing so small that it is prepared to pay them for being lazy. What an amazing business opportunity, don’t you think?

Even though, I listen to these people, I pay little attention to what they say. What I actually do is to observe how they deal with anxiety and how do they deliver their presentations, for I believe that one day I will stand before investors and convince them to buy in whatever weird idea I have in my mind.

He has skydived from a height of 10000 feet, he is a landspeed record holder at 322.5km/h, he is a Cape epic cyclist, an iron man racer, a marathon runner and a world  and he was a member of a cricket team that won a world cup in India in 2008. (something that the Proteas would envy)!

What if I told you that this man achieving all this remarkable things is blind?

Hein Wagner graced us with his presence at the Aweness camp at Stellenbosch University one Saturday morning. You know, I am not one for motivational speakers, but hey, Hein is a true motivator, he is an absolute legend. Despite his difficult handicap, he is able to achieve all these things I never knew that they existed as adventures. What’s extra cool is that he plans to raise about R10 million for his organisation. He says he is going to that by piloting a boeing 747-400 from London to Cape Town.

His talk was incredibly moving and he presented it with tremendous sense of humour. He was interesting to listen to, except that he leaves one with great guilt that you are actually playing small in your life.

What I found profound were some of the words he said during his talk. He said the following:

“I’ve never seen so many beautiful looking people in an audience before, you all look amazing!”

 – “I see I’m running out of time so I’ll finish up now.”

 “The feeling I had walking off the field after we had just secured the World Cup, is something I would never ever exchange, even, the ability to be able to see.”

I guess, this is what the first year needed to kick-start their academic career.

In closing, he said, “I am blind, What is your excuse?”

Peruse his website at


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2 responses to “Lack of sight, extra-ordinary vision and an absolute legend!

  1. Roviss

    February 1, 2013 at 2:12 pm

    Hein Wagner is gifted!

    When I first heard him speak, I didnt know he is blind. He made this remark too “I’ve never seen so many beautiful looking people in an audience before, you all look amazing!” It was only towards the end of his talk, I gathered that he is blind.

    After that day, I searched and learnt about his remarkable achievement.

    That tells you that we dream small, because we fear failure. He dream his dream! You cant control your dreams, imagine in your dreams say “but that is not possible, I cant fly am not a bird”

    The difference between greatness and mediocrity is often how we (individual) view our mistakes – what set us apart from Hein is that he see failure as lesson and he learns from his pain. He derives a better way to approach his challenges.

    He truly gifted!

    • Dumi-rocks

      February 10, 2013 at 5:22 pm

      Thanks Paul, indeed Hein is a legend. he left me inspired. We are playing small.

      Let’s dream a little bit bigger.

      Thanks for your comment!


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