Everyone must attend a TEDx event…. inspiration inside!

12 Aug

I have  a dream. My dream is to speak at a TEDx event. I have a lot of passion I can speak about. Attending a TED Global conference would be like winning a lotto jackpot.

I only had an opportunity to attend a TEDx event. I can only share you my experience from attending a TEDx event. Enjoy…

One of the speakers and the CEO of Mxit, Allan Knott-Craig

We survive with a great deal of motivation. Whenever I seek a dose of inspiration, I switch on my computer and consume my downloaded TED Talks. When I heard that TEDxStellenbosch was to host its third annual event at Spier Wine Farm, my interest to attend was piqued. My university’s institute for leadership development, FVZS (short For  Frederick Van Zyl Slabert) sponsored me and other 19 cool people to attend the event on capacity as student leaders.

The theme of the Tedx event was What if Africa? Why what if Africa, you may wonder. This theme couldn’t have been suggested at a better time than this. Africa is a continent of a gloomy past, yet a bright future. Perhaps, if we start asking these questions, solutions that might drive change and inspire action might be born. Speakers gathered at the event and inspired attendees by asking visionary questions – questions that started with three words: What If Africa?

Not only was I particularly inspired as an attendee, but I was challenged to do the things that I strongly believe in. By the end of the day my mind was filled with a sense of wonder. I found myself being exposed to many new ideas and concepts including:

  • Taking pictures is an act in two direction
  • Internet can be used to conserve and advance environmental cause.
  • Economic prospects in Africa
  • How can Technology be used to stimulate interest in teaching and learning
  • Jonathan Shapiro asked a poignant question of “What if Africa embraced openness?

Question that attendees asked? What if Africa?

You see many people ignore opportunities such as this, not because they do not have time nor money to attend, but because they are not aware that these events offer an excellent networking opportunities. During breaks I found myself interacting with former Tedx Stellenbosch speakers and other thought leaders. My mind was fueled with new knowledge on the day.

The theme behind TED is “ideas worth spreading.” Just imagine how intellectually enriched we we going to be if we shared and spread ideas? I do not know the answer to that, but I believe that the quality of our thinking would improve and that would ultimately improve the quality of life in our communities.

The event itself was filled with diverse speakers from different backgrounds. They however, had one thing in common, the love for Africa and her development. Speakers displayed passion and fervor as they delivered their talks. It was interesting to be there. Here is my appeal, next time you see a call to attend a TEDx event, be the first one to grab a ticket. However cheap it is, however expensive it is, get that ticket anyway. Be inspired and share ideas.

If you were to deliver a TED talk what would your speaking topic be?

What if Africa encouraged its students to share and spread ideas in their campuses?


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3 responses to “Everyone must attend a TEDx event…. inspiration inside!

  1. Bafedile Mafologele

    August 14, 2012 at 6:43 pm

    I am yet to attend such an event and it will be worth considering in future. I find the topic particularly interesting more especially because it is being discussed by colonialists. It would be great to know why the imperialists are thinking of returning here and what their strategy is this time.

    What I have learned over the years and I have come to believe this is that “Khudu ga e lahle lagapi”. I might sound negative now but morena we suffered and we continue to suffer. When will it end and does rubbing shoulders with the who is who help and does listening to what they think is best for us not patronise us in the process. Just a thought.

    • Dumi-rocks

      August 14, 2012 at 8:15 pm

      I will have to differ with you here Morena. I think your definition of a colonialist is very crucial here. There is no doubt that Africa is a continent full of hope and optimism. So, it is thus, fitting for anyone who sees economic prospect in this Africa to return or to colonize it in a smiley manner. I herein use “colonize it in a smiley manner” as a euphemism for creating sustainable businesses that will empower the people of Africa both in quality of life and standard of living.

      I agree that, some of our Africa people, continue to suffer. But is that due to imperialism or is due to the leaders whom we elected with a hope of a better life for all.

      I think it does help rubbing shoulders with who’s who, because to do that is to network. I do not believe that a man is an island and as such a man needs another man to prosper in life. Conferences like TED offers one, especially a businessman, an opportunity to network and do business with people who he will otherwise wouldn’t have met.

      Lastly, I would like to address this part in your comment “does listening to what they think is best for us not patronise us in the process?”. As much as there is an element of truth in that quote, remember that your are a learned individual, and as such you can discern truth from propaganda. life from death.


  2. anuj

    August 8, 2013 at 7:13 pm

    a recent TEDx Event being organized TEDxCartRoad forum adds more relevant points here:


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