The parables of blogging

07 Jul

Those who know that the only way to exercise you intellectual muscles is by reading and writing your thoughts out will agree with the assertion that reading gives you more swag and intellectual bling bling than you can ever imagine. So is blogging, the platform offers one to exercise their freedom of speech and that of expression, and boy intellectual rigour gets polished. By blogging you undress your thoughts to the public like when the ladies of the night perform their trade. You get grossly criticized for thoughts not well formulated; it is too late when you rectify your rather ill-informed submissions. Blog platforms is where hundred flowers of faculties bloom, it is where hundred schools of thoughts contend.

Sometimes you will need to defend the indefensible, your faculty of reasoning expand, and you are able to close loopholes in any debates, rambles or heated conversations. Later you realise that you are not a pseudo-intellectual, you are an intellect of rare quality. Beauty!

When all is said and done, I will keep writing for if the writing is genuine it cannot be separated from its author.


 NB: The author of this article grants you full rights and privileges to re-publish this on your blog. The price of this article is just grant credit where is due.

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