A tribute to a greatest enchantress, Whitney Houston

13 Feb

You will soon understand as to why I start this post by the phrase “Tomorrow is not promised to any of us”.

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When something remarkable happens in this world, you will know in a snap. On Sunday morning (South African time), different social media platforms went abuzz with the news of the passing of a talented songstress, Whitney Houston. Whitney had a voice, talented and her ballads were breathtakingly spectacular. In Time Magazine, on an article penned by Howard Chua-Eoan titled “The Voice: Whitney Houston”with a subtitle “One of the greatest voices in the history of American popular music has been silenced. An appreciation of the talents of Whitney Houston”, the author wrote that Whitney made a person move; she made a person want; she gave immediacy and voice to a person instincts and emotions. But she was a goddess.

For me Whitney was a real deal, a true gift.

Perhaps, Chua-Eoan is right when he equips that one of the voices of the popular music has been silenced, but the truth is that Whitney will forever be remembered as the most talented enchantress that the vocal industry has ever witnessed. I do not, even for a moment, think that her death will forever silence her voice. As her fans, we will continue listening to her vocals. I guess after all, Chua-Eoan, was not that correct in saying Whitney’s voice is silenced.

Her passing reminds me of a last verse from Michael Jackson’s song, Gone too soon. It goes like “…..Born To Amuse, To Inspire, To Delight, Here One Day, Gone One Night, Like A Sunset, Dying With The Rising Of The Moon, Gone Too Soon, Gone Too Soon!

Indeed she left too soon. Can I take the liberty of quoting her first verse from her song. All at once,  when she sang “All at once I finally took a moment And I’m realizing that You’re not coming back And it’s finally hit me all at once”.

It finally hit me all at once that Whitney you are gone.

True, Gone Too Soon, and I assume that you now understand why this post started with a subtitle “Tomorrow is not promised to any of us” and perhaps let me further remind you and maybe to a greater extent to myself, a Scottish tombstone epitaph that read as follows:

Consider, friend, as you pass by: As you are now, so once was I. As I am now, you too shall be. Prepare, therefore, to follow me.

O, Death!

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