Going Green, Are you environmentally friendly?

16 Oct

Don’t you think that we are living in an increasingly challenging world? The “Going green”  campaign is the next big thing if it is not a big thing yet. Corporates, organizations and institutions of higher learning observe the importance of going green.

Global warming is the biggest and the most debated topic in this world. All of a sudden everybody started to be environmentally friendly, an act with which will help  in leading an environmentally healthy lifestyle.

Well, It is quite impressive to note that people and businesses are buying into the going green initiative. We have seen companies with a message that warn people of printing emails unnecessary. Civilised people are restraining from littering, putting lights on unnecessary, recycling and not leaving tap water dripping.

No matter how insignificant  the above mentioned acts may seem, they contribute positively to the planet earth in a way that carbon footprint is being reduced. Among other things, more than 16 000 litres of water is being saved, money for stationery is being cut-down and some product are being re-used and recycled.

The question of interest is “Are we, as human beings really environmentally friendly?”

I do not believe that human beings are really committed to the “Going green initiative”. How many of us are eating meat? I do feel that if we claim to be environmentally friendly, people need to cut down significant amount of meat intake per week. Eating meat pose danger to the environment.

Why eating meat is considered being environmentally unhealthy?

  • The livestock industry is responsible for 18% of global green house gases.
  • It takes 8kg of grain to produce 1kg of beef. (With 800 million people worldwide suffering from hunger & malnutrition, this grain could be used to feed these people.
  • It takes 16000 litres of water to produce 1kg of beef. (Now this is a real shock!)
  • 5.6 billion animals are raised and slaughtered for food each year. (Now this is brutality).

The above argument is further supported by Mark bittman, on his Ted Talk “what’s wrong with what we eat”. Sit back, relax and watch his video and be intrigued.

Be environmentally friendly, all the cool kids are doing it!!!

Source: EcoMaties Sustainability society (A green initiative of the University of Stellenbosch).

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