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Phuthuma Nhleko, The South Africa’s next top billionaire

My blood is yellow. Blood is RED!!. do not be tjatjarag. OK, I think am being a bloody agent now, but I, Still insist that my blood is yellow. That is caused by the fact that one of the leading Telecommunication sector company,MTN Group,  produced an Iron duke in the business Arena. The man is Phuthuma Freedom Nhleko. In order to be a great leader and an influential business person, you need to be inspired and motivated by the top dogs. I, Dumisani Mahlangu, am also being inspired by this great man. Unlike him, I might not be a CEO of a blue chip company, but am quite positive that in me lies a great leader. Mr Nhleko, an outgoing Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of MTN Group is one such person. MTN, under his leadership was able to performed consistently well, with improving its annual returns every year.

Oh well, I seem to have showed that this great man is my role model. Oh ya, I confess, he is my role model! I love reading about him because he unearth the greatest potential that lies in me. Born in 1960, started his career as a humble trainee engineer  in Ohio. As a business leader he founded an investment firm, he holds directorships of some of the major companies in South Africa.  As an MTN CEO, he drove it to be one of the strong competitors of the forever well- performing  company, Vodacom.  In his academic accolades, he boast a BSc in civil engineering from Ohio State University and an MBA in finance from Atlanta University. Furthermore, he has won numerous awards in his professional life, including Ernst & Young best entrepreneur of the year, and being rated 3rd as the most trusted CEO by Financial Mai.

Well, you do not really talk in vain, you need to provide reason as to why this legend will be South Africa’s next billionaire. As he is leaving MTN in March 2011, he leaves it having done a good hell of a job. Such person needs to be remunerated fairly. It seems that MTN stakeholders are very kind and fair as they are giving him a generous package.

“MTM Group is prepared to pay him about R33m.The settlement, which will be due in a once-off sum, is payable on April 1 2011 and is in respect of a three-year restraint of trade. Nhleko will also be entitled to own up to 5% of MTN’s shares in addition to the R33m in restraint of trade payments.” (FIN 24)

The above block quote support my claim when I say that Mr Nhleko is about to join the billionaires club. Just picture what 5%  stake in a company with billions of rands can do to your wealth? I believe that Patrice Motsepe, Johan Rupert and the rest of the club members are ready to welcome him with warm hands.

Wow, Forbes Magazines has something new from the southern hemisphere to write about. Here is to another billionaire, Mr Phuthuma Freedom Nhleko. You are a legend, dawg!!!

Keep inspiring….


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Vote for our Table Mountain….

Opportunity present  itself again to vote for the new 7 wonders of the world. In the nomination is our beautiful Table Mountain. Table Mountain has been in the world map for centuries now, and it is about time to be one of the wonders of this world. The travellers and the visitors of the beautiful Cape will tell you that they have arrived in the mother city by spotting the famous flat-topped icon.

As I have said that the Table Mountain is a heavyweight contender in the final round of the 7 wonder of nature contest, she now needs your help to become an ultimate champion! The voting is currently underway and she is vying for a spot on this most prestigious list along with 27 other natural beauties. I thus appeal to you guys that you vote for her. Just bear in mind that should she win, she will put South Africa on the map, and the country’s tourism industry will benefit as a result.

According to the website, vote table mountain, The New7Wonder of Nature campaign aims to raise awareness of the incredible variety and beauty of nature around us. The Foundation’s slogan sums its position up: “If we want to save anything, we first need to truly appreciate it!”

Table mountain is in the final round because of our humble father, the former Archbishop Desmond Tutu. He is the one who ensured that the mountain is in the bid to be recognised as a wonder of nature.  As for me, I am supporting the Table mountain and I have voted for her. The following are the reason I think why Table Mountain needs to make a cut in being New7wonders of nature:

  • She attracts visitors every year from all walks of life.
  • She is way older than the Himalaya mountain.
  • She boast 1500 species -most of the endemic Fynbos of the Cape Flora Kingdom.
  • She offers panoramic views of the Cape Peninsula, Robben Island, and Table Bay from more than 100 metres above sea level.
  • Her Cable cars is one of only three revolving cable cars in the world.
  • And lastly, she is insanely beautiful.

If you are a South African with a flair for natural heritage and national pride, I think you are indebted to vote for Table mountain to be one of the shining stars in the world.

So South Africans, I urge you to Show the world how wondrous Table Mountain really is. To vote for her, please visit Vote for Table Mountain via SMS as often as possible. SMS “Table” to 34874. Each SMS costs R2.

Voting ends in November 2011, and the The world’s New7Wonders of Nature will be announced in Switzerland’s capital, Zurich, next year, on November 11.

Support our Table Mountain!!

Source: MangoJuice, Votefortablemountain, New7wonder of nature.


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Proposed Protection of Information and media tribunal bill is “EVIL”….

I strongly believe that the protection of information and tribunal bill proposed by the ruling ANC (African National Congress) in South Africa is evil. This sentence just shows how devastated and angry I am, towards some of the policy makers in government. Well for those who do not know what this bill entails, it simply a bill that will make it difficult for journalist to get access and to publish state information that are  in the public interest.

So our beautiful ANC government is trying to fail the constitution. The very Act that is viewed by many as one of the most progressive in this world. This document states, in one of the sections, that every citizen have freedom of expression, freedom of speech and access to information. So this begs the question that, should this bill be passed, will it not infringe the rights of South African citizens and everybody who lives in it?

Well, what can I say? I am just an ordinary citizen of this country. At the rate things are, it is apparent that this country is going nowhere at an alarming speed. Whatever is coming out of the bill is not good for the well-being of this country. I furthermore, don’t give Tom and Dick what Julius Malema says about journalist.

I do not know or rather envision anything good that will be brought by the said bill, all I can put down in this article is that it will have a major drawback  in the progress of this  country. The following are the list of what I think are the possible disadvantages should the bill be passed and approved by parliament.

  • The bill is unconstitutional, since it violates some rights in the Act 108 of 1996.
  • The rights of journalists who are well read will be violated.
  • Information about the state, the parastatals and any other government concern will be censored.
  • It have a potential negative impact to the journalism profession.
  • And it will furthermore hinder the media’s right to report without restraint.

The disadvantages, are not limited to the above-mentioned points. So we as the concerned citizen who buy newspapers everyday, what are we going to read about? I envision that future articles in the newspapers will be filled with celebrity gossip, columns and any other good thing that the government is doing. I am pretty sure that we will no longer be reading news about the state of this country, but we will be reading press release, whereby the reporting journalist will be writing about the good things that the government are doing and hide scandals to the public.

As for me I am in full support of the SANEF (South African National Editors Forum), The press club and any other body that is against the Tribunal bill.

Whuu, let me just stop here before the minister of police who is an ANC member decide to Mzilikazi ka Africa me (arrest me). I will continue reading Sunday Times and believe whatever the story they are publishing.  Mzilikazi Ka Africa, Fred Khumalo, Joseph P Kgomo, and the rest of the guys in the journalism fraternity, may heavenly father gives you  strength in fighting for your rights and saving your profession.

Oh cry me my tribunal bill………you are such a pain in you know where!!

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Ambition kills, Ambition motivates!!!

Dear Inner-self

As my full-time undergraduate career is slowly coming to an end, I always wake up to a call that says “should I follow an MBA or CA(SA) qualification?”. After all they are both recognised as the most prestigious business qualification in this country. As for CA(SA) decision, reading industry specific news doesn’t seem to help. As for MBA, the thought of being a CEO of a blue chip company, just drives me to a place of hard-working individuals. Please help!!!!

Business is my thing, commerce and industry is my specialization. What about Audit? I think Auditing is for people who are rather much more like me. Should I consider it as a career of choice? The answer is simple, am already an auditor, but the difference is am not yet certified. Therefore I am an uncertified Auditor.

Only God knows how much I love the Accounting industry. However challenging studies may seem, I am hanging in there by trying to add more and more flavour to my studies. How?

MBA (Master of Business Administration) seem to be a licence to a qualification for CEO designates. You need to be a leader in order to take any corporation to greater heights. It seems that business schools in this country are profiting from the so called leadership qualification.

At the end of the day it is apparent that if accountants, actuaries, social scientists and mathematicians can sit down, a new profession will be born. This professionals will come up with a career that deduce formula of being a powerhouse in the career world. they will among other things deduce a formula of being successful in life.

Thanks to confusion regarding my career of choice, because it gave birth to this article.

The reality of the situation is I dig the world of mercantile.

I can go for ever giving perks and benefits of working in the Accounting sector.

With lots of ambition at heart

DH Mahlangu
CEO______Dumi Inc

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