I call it the “R” word____They call it Racism…

14 May

Doesn’t the word racism make you tick?  Is everything have to be about race, the colour of the skin, or  language?

Racism can be defined as the prejudice that members of one race are intrinsically superior to members of other races. It goes to people’s head that they forget that a person cannot be judged based on the colour of his skin. You go to diverse countries like South Africa, Britain and United State and find that racism is such a big issue.  Over the past few weeks,in South Africa there was a great racist act by two of the most influential politicians. Julius Malema, the president of the youth wing of the ruling party insulted a Brits journalist, and another politician Andre Visagie intimidated  a political analyst who happened to be black. These acts are greatly unwelcoming and they divide the country as the nation.

It ticks me, it kills my spirit when I hear that something is done in the name of racism. Some nations think that by throwing nasty comments to people of other race it will not be viewed as racism. Racism is what it is regardless of whether you are black, brown or white.  Another group of people,as it is largely evident in the corporate sector views certain appointments,especially in senior positions as a favour simply because of a skin colour. South Africa, adopted some policies called Affirmative Action(AA) and Black Economic Empowerment(BEE) in the name of alleviating poverty and bridging the gap opened by the former government, however this policies can be viewed as being racist because they favour people of a certain skin colour.

I say “racism” is bad, it is harmful and it hinders the development goals of the nation. An  American study showed that racism shortens people’s live. For more information on this study visit []. I repeat racism won’t take us any further, let us be together as one and do not consider skin colour to base our judgments. Look at the attributes, character, achievements and moral values  and then you will see that you can forge a strong relationship with a person of  another race.

Ditch out the name “RACISM” out of your vocabulary, it hinders your progress as a human being, it makes you sick and ultimately it will kill you.

Of course, no to racism. Let us just live in peace, prosperity, harmony and try to  live together as one!!!!


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2 responses to “I call it the “R” word____They call it Racism…

  1. Siwaphiwe Louis Mbara

    May 17, 2010 at 2:06 am

    Dear Dumirocks,

    It is an interesting avenue that you are taking when looking at race and racism. However, you seem to have left out racial-intentions, behaviour, and acts. They’re, as Ibelieve, the epicentre of what bring out of many South Africans (in particular – if I’m allowed) the “R-word” as you like to call it. Almost everyone in the ‘y’ generation is really pissed-off with the word however they do not “Distch out the nam ‘RACISM'” as you would like them to.

    Here is why;
    1. Racist behaviour that is culturally passed on from one generation to another does not allow the ditching out of the phenomenon.
    2. Racist act, in many cases, is not exposed and dealt with accordingly OWING TO SENSITIVITY of our constitution to TRUTH and the privatized-promotion unequal treatment of races in actual practice. (you would like to refer to the Malema case of the song – ‘Kill the Boer’ and the raising of the Union of South Africa flag at the Memorial service of the AWB leader Eugene Terre’Blanche and last the Visagie Case).
    3. Prosperity for the politically defined “Black” individuals and societies will never be reality once we ditch out the word. Langauge creates behaviour, action and culture. when we take it out, we will thereby be saying our goodbyes to the addressing of racial inequality once agian resilted from RACISM.

  2. Dumi-rocks

    May 17, 2010 at 2:34 am

    Thank you Siwaphiwe. you quiet right when you say that by taking out language and everything that is associated with it, we will be failing to address the racial inequality faced by our country. However don’t you think that South African policies that tries to address racial inequality causes more problems?

    Don’t you think that they hinder the economic progress of the country? The only thing I love about racial policies as you call them is that they try to balance the injustice caused by the previous government. But again the like of BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) benefits the already privileged, while the poor aren’t benefiting that much.


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