A term “Leader” explained

07 May

Is a leader made or born? Can you say, when I grow up I want to be a leader?
In fact, What is a leader?

A leader is somebody who is able to communicate through all
spheres of the organisation, the vision and the mission, while ensuring that the team stays as motivated and as inspired as a midday sun. Can you really be a leader without personal dreams, goals, objectives and a will to be a better person the next day? No I doubt.

As a leader I personally think that you must lead by example. The things you envision must be communicated to your team. While doing so make sure that they understand you. Bear in mind that to succeed in any team work, great ideas must be explained to, and understood by, all who will implement them. If you are a leader who lacks communication, your picture of a great idea remains in your head and that means the great idea is kept in your “secret place” and it happens that you do not share it with those
to whom you are delegating it. You tend to speak in generalisation and leave the one that was delegated to, to come up with the interpretation of your picture.Soon, this person’s confidence is reduced by utterances such as “I didn’t understand” or “I thought you meant…” So the motion is to be an eloquent communicator.

Another important factor is the ability to motivate and inspire your team. You must be able to convince that excellency is everything. Are you aware that some people are content with the mind-set that “Average is okay”. Well this is irritating to people who see from perspective of excellence and ongoing improvement. As a leader you need to deal beautifully with people who believe that to be mediocre is fine and and that it is better not care about tomorrow or set goals, because they may raise their blood pressure. So you need to be a motivator rather than being (A coined word in progress).

And lastly be goal-orientated, and have a proof of focused pursuit. Because you are a leader you need to keep your team focused on excellence. Focus on honouring the talent and resource of your team members. Respect is another thing, just honour them, so that they can in turn honour you with greater sense of dignity. For me focus is everything. To obtain your objectives you have to continually remind yourself to point the focus and energy in the direction of your desired destination. Even failure is about focus; it is just that the person is out of focus.

Remember every dream or goal has price tag attached, called sacrifice and commitment.

Awaken your leadership potential and start leading without shame…..

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