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50 things to do before you become a Chartered Accountant

This piece is entirely superficial, but enlightening too. So since you have read to this point, please go untill pint #50.

1. Believe me this is an exposure draft (ED) “Lessons for aspiring Chartered Accountants”

2. You have to know it because it will soon be an Accounting Standard, whether you like it or not.

3. Ooops you don’t know what an exposure draft is.

4. Propose a standard for IASB.

5. Be a fresher at one of the South African Universities.

6. Make sure you know how to write the word CHARTERED before you apply for admission at any University; you’ll be surprised how many aspiring Chartered Accountants don’t know how to write this word.

7. Read the business Section of WEEKLY newspaper.

8. Read annual financial statements at least once a year.

9. Apply for vacation work at Ezweni communications.

10. This is the 10th thing to do before you qualify as a Chartered Accountant.

11. You better like Information Systems because it brings you the beauty of PASTEL|ACCOUNTING.

12. Visit SAICA Headquarters at Bruma Lake, Johannesburg.

13. Print a T-Shirt with a sweet line on the back “Aspiring Chartered Accountant”.

14. Make use of your Fridays drinking wine, only people with class enjoy the privileges.

15. Tutorials, tutorials oh my gosh…..

16. The letter CA (SA) is contagious, even the drama students want to be Chartered Accountants.

17. Actuarial Science students hate Accounting students, don’t be bothered by this; they are silly they want to integrate the word CA (SA) by part.

18. Avoid Science students, especially chemist their theories don’t exist in the Accounting world.

19. Be a friend with a humanities student, they are helpful when it comes to ethics essays.

20. Avoid the notice board, especially after the release of the accounting results, you’ll collapse.

21. Do vacation work as much as you can.

22. Read accounting journals especially Accountancy SA.

23. Be as friendly as you can during your articles especially to the front desk assistants, they will tip you on the behaviour of the company’s FD.

24. If Ezweni Communication is your client, be super friendly to Queen Moroka.

25. Visit SAICA website atleast once a week.

26. Write an accounting love letter to SAICA President Matsobane Matlwa.

27. Be on the SAICA marketing campaign “Escape the job from hell- be a CA (SA)”

28. Spam Chantyl Mulder, Mandi Olivier and Nazeeer Wadee, they are helpful people at SAICA.

29. Don’t forget IAS 69 “Accounting for girlfriends” it’s very important for a SUPPLEMENTARY exam.

30. Remember what I said about the notice board?

31. Join the facebook group when I am big I want to be a CA.

32. Never be friends with Medics, their way of thinking is totally unacceptable. They are going to diagnose you with Accounting Syndrome.

33. Bother Nthato Selebi to increase the damn Thuthuka allowance.

34. Pass your exams as if you want to be an academic trainee.

35. Make sure that you graduate with a BCom,BAcc or BBusSci Degree.

36. Make sure that you cram the entire PGDA/Honours syllabus.

37. Enter into a training contract and never report for work.

38. Exercise hard to pass QE 1.

39. During your honours, don’t worry about fees. FASSET will come to your rescue.

40. When you encounter relationship problems, remind your partner that the designation is waiting for you.

41. And that means you have a secured financial future, are you sure?

42. Associate yourself with the following abbreviations SAICA, CA (SA), IRBA.

43. Are you on track, remember you not reading an accounting standard.

44. Convince your employer to register you for a board course.

45. You passed QE 1 by luck, now all you have to do is hire Joel Santana to be your Audit partner.

46. The salary gradually increases and the motivation does the same.

47. Pass QE 2 and terminate Joel Santana’s contract.

48. Motivate yourself by acknowledging the fact that there is a severe shortage of Chartered Accountants.

49. You are getting there, relax finish your Audit hours.

50. Qualify as a CA (SA), Celebrate and esCAlate……


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keep your online presence clean…

The introduction of social networks brought a great changed in the way we behave, we do business and interact with those close to our hearts. Online presence refer to the way in which your social network profile appears online, and to the third parties.  The term given to online presence is called “Google CV”. Google CV refers to the result that appears after people who are interested in our lives/in our services get. Some of those people include potential employers. Have you try to search your name and see what the result will be?

I like to believe that our Google CV remains clean untill we join social networking sites such as Facebook, flickr, Twitter and others. It is of great importance to watch the manner in which we socialize online. Those thing ranges from things we say, pictures and videos we upload and the links we post on our friends wall.

We all know how good and how interesting social networking sites can be. We do everything on those sites, including things that we cannot do under sober conditions.

Well this post come to serve as a tip, on how to keep your socila presence clean, and keep your brand-name and reputation in a good standing. Although facebook can be greatly beneficial, ensure that you avoid the following points while having nice time on social networks.

  • Never or Avoid posting pictures with booze on your facebook profile, they suggest that you are a drunkard and that can make you lose the job interview.
  • Never post status updates that suggest hate speech, or any other post that may bring your employer into disrepute.
  • Status updates such as “My boss is a jerk” or “I hate my job” can cost you your job.
  • As an employees, you should not disclose company information which can be subject to the Copyright Act
  • Stay away from social networking sites when you are on leave (especially sick leave) because you might make a blunder.

I urge that you try to keep your facebook profile splendidly clean, allow  limited access to your pictures to those you are friends with. It is also quite advisable to make your profile private. Remember that once something hits the net, it will never be removable. That is because of the way information multiplies on the internet.

As your liking thy status, poking thy charming woman and commenting on that wall, keep in mind on what type of things you do online, because thy can make or break your professional life.

Facebook is still the leading  legitimate way of social networking, so have as much fun but hey watch out, do not ruin your reputation in the process!!!!

And lastly “Use privacy settings to limit the flow of information between you and your friends”.

Have facebook for breakfast , twitter is for lunch and of course youtube is more interesting during supper. Keep your online presence clean…………!!!!!!


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I call it the “R” word____They call it Racism…

Doesn’t the word racism make you tick?  Is everything have to be about race, the colour of the skin, or  language?

Racism can be defined as the prejudice that members of one race are intrinsically superior to members of other races. It goes to people’s head that they forget that a person cannot be judged based on the colour of his skin. You go to diverse countries like South Africa, Britain and United State and find that racism is such a big issue.  Over the past few weeks,in South Africa there was a great racist act by two of the most influential politicians. Julius Malema, the president of the youth wing of the ruling party insulted a Brits journalist, and another politician Andre Visagie intimidated  a political analyst who happened to be black. These acts are greatly unwelcoming and they divide the country as the nation.

It ticks me, it kills my spirit when I hear that something is done in the name of racism. Some nations think that by throwing nasty comments to people of other race it will not be viewed as racism. Racism is what it is regardless of whether you are black, brown or white.  Another group of people,as it is largely evident in the corporate sector views certain appointments,especially in senior positions as a favour simply because of a skin colour. South Africa, adopted some policies called Affirmative Action(AA) and Black Economic Empowerment(BEE) in the name of alleviating poverty and bridging the gap opened by the former government, however this policies can be viewed as being racist because they favour people of a certain skin colour.

I say “racism” is bad, it is harmful and it hinders the development goals of the nation. An  American study showed that racism shortens people’s live. For more information on this study visit []. I repeat racism won’t take us any further, let us be together as one and do not consider skin colour to base our judgments. Look at the attributes, character, achievements and moral values  and then you will see that you can forge a strong relationship with a person of  another race.

Ditch out the name “RACISM” out of your vocabulary, it hinders your progress as a human being, it makes you sick and ultimately it will kill you.

Of course, no to racism. Let us just live in peace, prosperity, harmony and try to  live together as one!!!!


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Tertiary education… why?

As the recession draws to a close, tertiary education begins to reveal its greater importance. “Tertiary education is not important and is a waste of a precious 3 to 10 years, and as matter of fact academics must be paid peanuts”. Well this is true for hopeless people with dull and gloomy dreams. When you go to institution of higher learning, you don’t only enrich your intellect, but you also learn invaluable skills such as communication, bargaining, organisation and leadership. People who are well-educated are better off than those who are not. Educated people get lower insurance premium, high credit limits, and they get attention wherever they go, let alone the level of trust that these people posses. These are few benefits that graduates enjoy.

Nelson Mandela once said “Education is the great engine of personal development. It is through education that the daughter of a peasant can become a doctor, that the son of a mineworker can become the head of the mine, that a child of a farm worker can become the president of a great nation. It is what we make out of what we have, not what we are given, that separates one person from another”.

Tertiary institutions teach students to think beyond academics, it forges innovative thinking. Innovative thinkers come up with business idea that eventually creates 100 of jobs in the economy. People like Bill gates, Mark Shuttleworth and Mark Zuckerberg founded their businesses through innovative thinking while they were sitting in lecture halls.

By the end of the current recession, many people with tertiary qualification will be head-hunted by major corporate. Companies that have stripped their headcount will be desperate for staff as they begin to grow again. As this happens it means that educated employees will be able to bargain for unique work arrangement and benefits.

Awaken your gloomy dreams, knowing that the power of studying is within you!!!

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A term “Leader” explained

Is a leader made or born? Can you say, when I grow up I want to be a leader?
In fact, What is a leader?

A leader is somebody who is able to communicate through all
spheres of the organisation, the vision and the mission, while ensuring that the team stays as motivated and as inspired as a midday sun. Can you really be a leader without personal dreams, goals, objectives and a will to be a better person the next day? No I doubt.

As a leader I personally think that you must lead by example. The things you envision must be communicated to your team. While doing so make sure that they understand you. Bear in mind that to succeed in any team work, great ideas must be explained to, and understood by, all who will implement them. If you are a leader who lacks communication, your picture of a great idea remains in your head and that means the great idea is kept in your “secret place” and it happens that you do not share it with those
to whom you are delegating it. You tend to speak in generalisation and leave the one that was delegated to, to come up with the interpretation of your picture.Soon, this person’s confidence is reduced by utterances such as “I didn’t understand” or “I thought you meant…” So the motion is to be an eloquent communicator.

Another important factor is the ability to motivate and inspire your team. You must be able to convince that excellency is everything. Are you aware that some people are content with the mind-set that “Average is okay”. Well this is irritating to people who see from perspective of excellence and ongoing improvement. As a leader you need to deal beautifully with people who believe that to be mediocre is fine and and that it is better not care about tomorrow or set goals, because they may raise their blood pressure. So you need to be a motivator rather than being (A coined word in progress).

And lastly be goal-orientated, and have a proof of focused pursuit. Because you are a leader you need to keep your team focused on excellence. Focus on honouring the talent and resource of your team members. Respect is another thing, just honour them, so that they can in turn honour you with greater sense of dignity. For me focus is everything. To obtain your objectives you have to continually remind yourself to point the focus and energy in the direction of your desired destination. Even failure is about focus; it is just that the person is out of focus.

Remember every dream or goal has price tag attached, called sacrifice and commitment.

Awaken your leadership potential and start leading without shame…..

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